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I'm In! 

Yesterday I had an a-ha moment. Love those. Like a smack upside the head I realized that as I've been so very focused on creating the life I want I forgot about enjoying the one I'm living right now! 


Since I'm all about dreaming big and living boldly I'm now faced with the challenge of how to hold both. The vision and the present. 


I've been listening to the Oprah & Deepak 30-day meditation challenge for the past week and the focus is all about TIME. I think this is where the a-ha came from. The reminder that time is an illusion and what we have is only this present moment. 


So that's what I'm working on. Learning to hold both. I think it has a little something to do with this


Want to join me? It's always easy to do this growing/changing/life thing with others! Email me "I'm in" and we can support each other on the journey!