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Life Lessons from a 3-year old

Part 2

Does this happen to you??? When I hear the phrase “be present” or “be in the moment” I often want to punch that person. Ok, so maybe I’m not that violent. Maybe. But the idea of being present when I’m being pulled in a million directions at once, which often gets labeled as “being good at multi-tasking” (right, ladies??) seems impossible and a little annoying. I’m guessing maybe you experience this as well?



So spending time with a 3-year-old, is nothing but being in the present. Grace did not spend time thinking about what was next or what happened 5 minutes ago. There were multiple times where we would be walking along to the park (a 1/2 mile journey that took nearly 90 minutes!) and I would notice myself saying, “Come on Grace, hurry up”. And I would then ask myself, “why”? I had no where else to go, nothing else to do. So I kept watching her and tried to stay present with her. She was noticing every little detail of the world around her, and completely amazed by it all. Everything was an awe inspiring new bit of information for her. As I allowed myself to slow down to her pace, I began to appreciate the beauty around me. I felt my whole body slow down and relax when I was present.


Taking time out of your life, in big or small chunks of time, to slow down and reconnect with yourself is a gift both to you and the people you take care of in your life. Taking a walk where you are completely present with your surroundings, noticing the little details, can help you to create peace within yourself. Mindfully eating a meal, tasting each bite can help you to savor new flavors even in a meal you’ve had a thousand times.


We are inundated in our life with all the bad things going on in our world. Slowing down and being present can help you to see and remember how many other good and beautiful things there also are in the world. And slow your heart rate, your breathing, your monkey mind. All good things.


Take Action! Take 20-30 minutes this week and be present. On purpose. Doing anything that you want. Anything.