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The Dance Party Continues....

How are you doing? I know I left you sitting a bit in the muck of feeling the feels of sitting on the sidelines of your life. Hang in here with me. This is like that old campfire song, "Going on a bear hunt". You gotta go through it.

So, what did you come up with? Where are you aching to stop being a wallflower and get on the dance floor instead? In your relationships? Work? Sharing your truth? Using your voice? Where are you keeping yourself small and deeply longing to step out of the shadows and show up in your life?

Here's what I have learned to be true for me and the many people I have worked with on navigating their shame stories. We don't change our fear of what people will think by staying off the dance floor. We change our fear by taking a deep breath and marching right on out there and shaking our booties. At first, it's likely to just be a little shake. And then...ooooohhhhweeeeee, you won't be able to stop!

For example, I recently started going to Zumba and with all those darn mirrors I am getting a clear idea of what I must look like on a dance floor. And I am no Ginger Rogers. But rather than compare myself to someone else, I just focus in on how much freaking fun I am having. And when I do that, I do not care what anyone thinks.

How does that sound to you, Not caring what anyone thinks???


And so now I'm would your life be different if you were able to walk out onto that metaphorical dance floor and really get your groove on?