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Are You Listening To Everyone Else Instead Of Yourself?

I was talking with a friend the other day and she was telling me how she wanted to find a way to leave her current job and find one that she felt more passionate about. We talked about what it was that made her excited when she thought about work and what being passionate about her work actually meant to her. We explored the details of this dream of hers, how her life would be different, how she would feel when she was at work, etc. She became really animated, and passionate as the conversation went along.

And then she told me that her husband tells her, "no one finds work that they are passionate about. It's work, you just do it and go home. It's about the paycheck". And all of her excitement and passion dissipated as she told me she was just going to stay at her current job and not rock the boat. "It pays me well and it's secure", she said.

How often do you let other's opinions about what you should/shouldn't do or what's right/wrong dictate the decisions you make in your life? How often do you hold back your passion or your dreams because of a comment someone else makes? How many times have you kept yourself small because of someone else's fears?

How would you like to stop doing this???? Are you ready to take control of your life and start saying yes to what you want rather than no because of someone else's opinion?

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