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It's Time To Be Your Full Self!

"Nothing is more powerful than a woman who needs ZERO validation or permission to be her full self. Nothing." I just read this sentence by my friend Keri-Anne Livingstone and it knocked me over the head. In a good way.

You see, this is another way to say "your worth is not on the table", which you've heard me say a lot. I just love hearing about women standing up and saying "I am done apologizing for who I am. I am done making myself smaller so that you will be more comfortable". ZERO permission needed.

Now I'm guessing not all of you are in a place yet where you know this deep in your bones. And man oh man I want that for you! When you give yourself permission to be your full self, your life changes in such unimaginable ways.

You start walking into your boss's office, worth solidly intact, and demand a raise. Or you walk out the door and start that company you've been dreaming of. You open your heart to new love, or end a love that is no longer good for you. You decide to have a child, or to not have a child. No apologies. No permission. Just being your full self.

Are you ready to stand up and declare your worth? The work of Brené Brown is a pathway to getting there. Get on my calendar HERE for a free 30-minute session about how her groundbreaking work can help you.