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Are you stuck in either/or thinking?

How often do you put yourself into an either-or box? Sadly, I do it all the time. It's something I'm working on.

Life is so limiting when we keep ourselves stuck with only two options. Because you know what's really true??? Options are limitless! Sometimes we don't always like the options we see or must choose from, but they are still options!

A few weeks ago when I was enjoying a girls weekend we practiced having a "day of AND". It was amazing. Every time we would catch ourselves saying, "should I buy this piece of delicious chocolate OR that one" or "should I get the unbelievable apples OR the juiciest mango ever" we would stop and say "AND".

The first thing I hope you notice in those statements is that they start with should. Nothing good ever comes from should-ing on yourself! See the bind that either/or thinking and limitations puts you in? It shifts the decision making to an external rather than internal one. Should is all about what other people think, other peoples rules, etc.

When we move into "AND" we shift the lotus of control back inside of us. Now of course I get that saying AND to two different types of delicious chocolate or amazing fruit isn't the toughest decision in the world. When we allow AND though, it allows us to have choice. So rather than "should I", we get to ask "do I want..."?

On our "day of AND" we said a lot of YES to the question "do we want it" and enjoyed a delightful hotel room picnic.

So where in your life could you use a little more AND? What does this idea stir up for you? Fear or excitement? Are you ready to explore deeper?

Reach out. Let's chat. Let me tell you about the work I do with people to support them in transforming their lives.

Much love,


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Delicious chocolate not pictured. :-)

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