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Do You Ever Get Sick & Tired of Yourself?

Do you know that feeling when you just get sick and tired of all your own BS? All the excuses for why you are not doing the thing you say you want to do??? Just me??? I doubt it!

The week between Christmas and New Year I spent a little time in wallow land. I had so many big plans, so much I wanted to get done. Instead, I curled up in bed and watched The Crown (so good BTW!). Until I didn't.

I have an awesome spiritual mentor that I'm working with right now. She gives out hashtags when there is a real lesson I'm to be learning. Mine has recently been #justfuckingdoit. And so I finally woke up, came around and #justfuckingdidit.

I got up and went to yoga one morning. The next day I got up and took my first Zumba class. I got my blood flowing again. Which got me inspired and motivated. I recommitted to my daily spiritual practices. And I did them.

I did them while also holding a lot of space for self-compassion and LOVE. Which in my mind is key to #justfuckingdoingit. This is not meant to be a beat yourself up style of motivation. It's a kind and loving and gentle (but strong) kick in the bum.

Have I felt the pull of my cozy bed since? Absolutely. (It's dark and cold outside, how can I not???) Have I sunk back into wallow land. Nope. Each day I keep choosing. Choosing to stay committed to my motivation. Choosing to keep my blood flowing. Choosing LOVE. Choosing to see the beautiful way the sky is lit up today.

What needs a little kick in the bum in your life? What are you choosing to create for yourself? Wallow-land or motivation-committed land? Take a minute, right now, and ask yourself, "what do I want to create in this moment"? And choose it.