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Connectivity: It's a Good Thing!

As I prepare to depart from this country Italy that I love, I am reflecting back on these past few weeks of travel. Last night, instead of sleeping, the word connectivity wouldn't leave my mind.


The question I keep asking myself is, "are people really that different here than in the states, or am I"? In Ireland I was smitten with the people. The way they gathered together, how they were genuinely interested in us and each other. In Italy I am smitten with the how the Italians embrace the sweetness in everything. They infuse love in their food and family is most important. As we left the villa we spent the week at, our host Christina, called me her Sister. It felt like the highest of compliments.


Last night we had a final dinner and 11 women who met either a week before or an hour before laughed until our bellies ached. That could have been aided by the abundance of food and wine, but whatever it was I loved it. Connectivity. Each of these examples is from a different country and different people. I’m starting to think connectivity comes from choosing to be open and curious and those are universal traits.


I believe these experiences have come into my life because of the work I've done to embrace connection, vulnerability, courage, openness, trust and curiosity. These traits have made my life open up in ways I never imagined.


And so I ask, are you ready to embrace your life whole heartedly? Are you ready to see vulnerability as a good and necessary thingonC to create the connections you crave in your life? Are you ready to Show Up, Be Seen and Live Brave?


Send me an email and we will schedule a time to chat about it.

PS: Here’s a little video I made at the villa to tell you a bit more about the workshop (and shirtless Italian men)!

  October 11, 2016