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Receiving in Tuscany

Greetings from Tuscany! Specifically, from my beautiful room in this gorgeous villa looking out over the sunshiny hills. I feel so blessed to be here in this place that fills my Soul.

My thoughts the last couple of days have been swirling around the idea of receiving. It feels so decadent to be at this villa where the most lovely people are taking care of us. Our every need is attended to. The other night the owners were fixing my bed for me and I got so squirmy over the idea that they were taking this time, making this effort for me. Who am I to deserve such loving care? As Marianne Williamson says, “who am I not to be…” (loosely quoted line from her famous poem).

Why is it so hard, especially for us women, to receive? What do we decide it means about us when we allow people to care for us? What does it challenge in our identities that is so difficult to sit with?

So my challenge for you (and myself!) is to just get curious. When someone is taking care of you, doing something kind for you, what is your response? What thoughts and feelings arise in you? What do you do?

Come share in the FB group! I really, really, really would love to hear from you!

I will be short and sweet here today. The sunshine and pool are calling to me! And now I will go practice receiving them.

Con amore e gratitu

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