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Let No One Steal Your Peace

How often do you find yourself feeling/thinking that everyone and everything is aligning together to steal your inner peace? I'm pretty sure this isn't just me. I hope! 

During my journey in Bali I got really clear about the ways in which I allow things outside my control to steal my peace. A little story to clarify....

While I was there I got to experience "going into the womb of the Mother" (as in Earth). We decended down 100's of uneven steps into the darkness (ok, we got to use flashlights on the steps)! We were led by a world-renowned priest. I was hoping, at the very least, to feel some connection to Divine, Spirit, the Universe. 

What I felt down in that cave was pissed off and annoyed. I really really wanted to punch people in the face. The talkers, the coughers, the snifflers. Then there was the water dripping and my back aching. And then my head screaming at me about how "this was supposed to be a spiritual experience, dammit". 

Can you relate? How often do you allow the people and circumstances around you dictate your mood? Dictate the interpretation of your experiences? 

When we climbed back out of the cave we were waiting around for the priest to do a final blessing at the alter (of which I was of course annoyed by. You know, the waiting).

I noticed another woman in the group sitting down near the alter looking like she was meditating. Surrounded by a bunch of people she was just sitting there. I said to myself, "no one's stealing her peace"! And it hit me. I create my peace. How I interpret my experiences and how I decide to choose to feel in each and every moment IS UP TO ME

So guess what? You get to choose. Each and every moment how you want to experience all that life throws at you. Please don't hear this as a sunshine, rainbows and unicorn farts type of message. I am a great supporter of feeling all of our feelings fully. It's just that we can choose for how long and what stories we make up that lead to those feelings. 

What choice will you be making today? 

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