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Making Amends

(makes me a bit weak in the knees)

As I was wrapping things up over in the Communication Masterclass (you can still get access to all the interviews for one more week!), I came across an article written by Katherine Woodward Thomas where she was exploring the idea of "making amends".

"What genuinely begins to clear the air of toxic emotional residue is an amends taken

with the intention to make things right again".

It got me to thinking about this in relation to communication and "toxic emotional residue" being such a huge part of why difficult conversations become so difficult.

I know for me, having to acknowledge making a mistake or circling back to make amends can be sooooo challenging because I've already started going under from the weight of the shame I am experiencing from hurting someone.

"When we don't navigate them well, we create residue between ourselves and others that builds over time, and ultimately erodes the quality of our connection".

And what we most want (I know I do) is to feel connected with the important people in our lives. Katherine goes on to say,

"To let the consequences of our actions—namely, the suffering we caused, touch and transform us". We are then able to "love people better moving forward" and be

"More conscious and careful with the tender hearts of others".

So here's to each of us going out into the world and bravely having the difficult conversations, courageously taking ownership of our part in creating these, and making loving amends so that we can create the deep connections we are desiring. The world will be a better place when we do.