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Peace Amongst the Chaos: 

I am taking a BOLD leap

In 2017 I went to Bali for the first time. It was a place filled with more sensory input than I've ever experienced. Exquisite beauty, stunning temples, racing motorbikes and traffic, unimaginable heat and humidity, people everywhere, glorious beaches, wild jungles, canyon's filled with garbage. 

And yet, I remember standing on the side of the road one day, motorbikes wizzing past, and said to a friend, "I am surrounded by the two things I dislike the most [traffic and heat] and I still feel absolutely peaceful". 

I knew when I left Bali at the end of that trip, that I would return. And not just for a visit. To immerse myself in this beautiful culture, to heal my mind and body. 

If you've spent any time reading all these emails I drop into your inbox, you know I am all about embracing your COURAGE and VULNERABILITY, saying YES to whatever it is you DESIRE, and jumping BOLDLY into your life. 

That is why I am so excited, and a bit nervous, to announce that I will be doing just that, this September. What I haven't said publicly is that I will be staying in Bali indefinitely at that time. Like to live. Like, I'm packing up my life and putting it into storage. It's taking all the courage, desire and boldness inside of me to take this big leap, and I can't wait.


Much love,