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Perspective....It's a Choice

A few weeks ago I was starring down a calendar that was packed full for the following 4 weeks. I noticed myself getting caught up in feeling anxious and overwhelmed. These feelings were stemming from the thought, "I'm not going to be able to handle this". Yes, my thought created my emotion.

As I was lamenting out loud how tough those next 4 weeks were going to be I was gently and lovingly reminded that I had chosen all the things on my calendar. And in that moment I realized I was actually looking forward to each of the things. And when I started having thoughts about enjoying the events, my overwhelm decreased.

And so over these past weeks whenever I've started to feel a little overwhelm rising up I stop and remind myself that I like what I'm doing. This is the life that I created and wanted. And you know what, I've been having fun!! Who knew right???

So the next time you notice yourself going down the rabbit hole of negative, overwhelmed thinking STOP. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you can choose to view your experience from a different perspective. Sometimes this will literally mean changing your perspective. Get up, move to a different space in the room. Whatever it takes to look at the issue from a new angle.