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The Body Shame Gremlin Strikes Again! 

Do you ever get to a place in your life where you feel like, ok I've worked through that issue. Thank goodness I'm done with that one. And then WHAM, like a 2x4 you get whacked upside the head with it again? 


A couple of weekends back I was at a spiritual/yoga/meditation/dive deep into the hard stuff kinda retreat and when I arrived I was excited to just have the opportunity to relax, restore, and renew. I got a pedicure the before the retreat started. I had a massage scheduled for when it was over. You know, lots of self care! By the 2nd morning it was clear I was there for another purpose. 


Right up in my face was another layer of my old body shame crapola. I was quite taken back by the force of it as I really have worked the shit out of this issue and most days feel pretty darn good in my body.


For some reason (thanks spiritual team!) it was up and ready to be worked through again. I attempted to resist it for a little bit until I remembered that moving through our stuff is way more effective than resistance. So, I talked. I sobbed through yoga. I connected with people deeply, (like look into their eyes for an entire song while they were looking into mine kinda connection!). 


By the end of the weekend I had a new appreciation for my body, a new understanding of my fears around being physically uncomfortable, and a determination to really up my game in caring for my body from a place of LOVE


And to be clear, LOVING our bodies does not mean following societies expectations for what it should or should not look like. Or someone else's idea of what it means to be healthy. LOVING our bodies is about just that, LOVE. As I'm creeping up in years I am very clear that I want my body to function well for the time I am here in it. And so loving it means doing WHAT I THINK is right and good to make that happen. 


Are you feeling ready to move through another layer of your body shame story? To start writing a story of love and respect for your body? If you are, I am here to help. Just schedule a call with me and we can talk about where you are and the best steps to move forward, IN LOVE.


Just schedule a call and we'll get going! SCHEDULE MY CALL! (if you can't find a time that works for you send me an email and we'll find something)


Here's to moving into LOVE with your body, 


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