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The Self-Doubt Gremlin Strikes Again!

I've got a confession to make and it feels a bit scary to say out loud. Despite all that I write and teach about being an empowered woman and shame and vulnerability I still get taken down by the self-doubt gremlin. It happened yesterday and brought me to tears when talking with my coach. Once again I was facing the "I'm not good enough" voice and wavering in my belief about my worth.

Worthiness is such a vital belief and yet how easily it wavers. How often does this happen to you? I'm not going to ask if it does, because one thing I do know is that I'm not alone in this. Common humanity, as Kristen Neff calls it. So that does help, to remember this is a universal struggle. And yet, the self-doubt gremlin says "you should be over this by now". Aaaarrrgh!

So what I did yesterday is remember to practice what I teach. So I did. I took some deep breaths, put my hand on my heart and practiced some loving-kindness. And now, despite how vulnerable it feels I'm sharing my truth with you. Huh, this stuff really works, I'm not feeling weighed down by it anymore!

Everyone can get caught up in the shame-worthiness-I'm not enough spiral and I'm sorry to tell you it doesn't go away. However, there are tools to build shame resilience that will help you navigate the shame storms more quickly so that you can get back to connecting with your loved ones and unabashedly pursuing your dreams!

If you are in a spiral right now or know you easily get sucked down that rabbit hole let's talk! Jump on my calendar and schedule a call with me! I will share with you 3 tools to navigate shame that you can start using immediately so that you can go after that job promotion, increase the vulnerability and connection with your significant other or give that presentation you know you could rock!