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Vulnerability Warrior Or Stuck In The Mud?

Sheesh, sometimes vulnerability IS REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE! You might be thinking, sometimes??? I was talking with my friend the other day about how uncomfortable all the meeting new people and talking to them that is required to build a business is for me. I would much rather disappear into the walls!

And. And I want greater clarity in my purpose and a meaning filled life.

Over this past year, the number of times I've put myself "out there" and splatted on my face is to many to count. And I have to say, if I didn't have the skills I learned through Brene Brown of how to pick myself up off the pavement I'm not sure where I would be today. Probably stuck face down in some mud somewhere.

You guys, I believe in Brene's work so so much. The skills I have now to recognize when I'm in a shame storm, ground myself, reach out for support, and pick myself back up have transformed my life.

And because I have built my shame resilience muscle, I am building a business, I am more connected in my relationship with my partner, I am taking risks, I am traveling, and I am pretty sure that I'm a much better therapist.

Take a risk. Be spontaneous. Jump in. Say YES to you, Say YES to your life. Don't hesitate. Get ready to transform your life, CLICK HERE to jump on my calendar for a 30-minute free session.