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Life Lessons Learned In 30 Days Of Yoga!

I recently made the decision to commit to doing yoga everyday for 30 days. And I am proud to say that last week I achieved my goal. It sure feels good to follow through for myself that way and oh what a ride!

Now to be clear, I showed up on my mat for 30 days. There were days that included very little yoga. And maybe a lot of bawling. There were days that I felt like a bad-ass. And days when I felt like a pile of mush. But not once did I regret showing up on my mat.

And the things I learned go far beyond the yoga studio. They turned into a little roadmap for life.

1. SHOW UP. Making the choice to be there for myself each and every day was transformational. I didn't really know what the experience would be each day, but just knowing I was going to show up no matter what, that I could count on myself....what a confidence booster.

Showing Up in our lives, no matter what, with our whole selves. Isn't that what life is all about?

2. BE SEEN. I started my 30 days being pretty quiet about it. I'm not one for a big scene. But on the days I was struggling, I needed support. I wanted support. So I let myself Be Seen. I reached out to the teachers and students. I let in their support and their cheerleading.

Being Seen is super vulnerable. Letting people in... that can be scary! I promise it's worth it.

3. LIVE BRAVE. This was about the vulnerability to be present and let go of expectations. I hadn't really thought about not having expectations as brave, but whoa. Not misguidedly trying to control the outcome? No expectations? That took some courage.

Living Brave is about taking risks and being vulnerable. And what good thing in life comes without those?

TAKE ACTION: Choose a challenge or goal for yourself. There are no right answers, just something you've been wanting to do and keep procrastinating. COMMIT. Pick a time frame that works for you.COMMIT.

If you would like to BE SEEN and have some accountability, I'm here for you! Jump on my calendar and we'll get clear about your goal and what support would be helpful to you! I promise, no sales. Just clarity and accountability!

Here's to achieving your goal!

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