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A Question That Blew My Mind.....

This came across my Instagram feed yesterday and has had me pondering the question ever since.....​​​​​​​

Who are you when there is nothing wrong with you?


It's such a powerful question. For me it points to the way in which I am constantly striving to DO more, BE more, PROVE more. Rather than really looking at what I want and actually going for it. I get caught up in navel gazing and asking 'what's wrong with me' rather than taking action to create the things I want for myself.


And guess what? That is not a recipe for getting us to where we want to be. It's not a recipe for peace and happiness. It's a recipe for angst, stress, boredom, overwhelm.


How often are you focusing in on what's wrong vs what's right? How you're not enough vs whole & worthy? Who are you when there is nothing wrong with you?


The power of the question takes my breath away even as I'm sitting her typing it. It's one I will be spending some time with....


Will you spend some time with this question? Ponder it over and let me know what comes up for you! Would love to hear how it impacts you.


Much love,


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