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Reconnecting to HOPE

I just got back from a little much needed reconnection time in nature. It never fails to heal, relax, and renew me to be out amongst the trees breathing the fresh air. And I was inspired to reach out and see how you are all doing? 


I know for me this past week has been incredibly heartbreaking and stressful. I got a little to caught up in things which led to some overwhelm. But I also found reasons to HOPE. While there were things I read and saw that shocked me beyond belief, I also was amazed at the power of people coming together with DETERMINATION and LOVE


Which today leads me to pondering how we navigate this world that is, hopefully, in a period of profound transformation while also taking good care of ourselves. We must find a way to do both. 


What is it that you do to slow down and recharge when you get overwhelmed or bogged down by the heaviness of life? What do you do to stay connected to both your own well-being and the part of you that desperately wants to participate in creating change in the world? 


In addition to getting outside, I had to make myself stop reading/watching so much news and watch things like this (twice) instead:

This, so that I could get back to doing my part in creating change. 


I would love to hear your thoughts! 


Much love,



PS: One of the things that helps me stay hopeful is this organization. They are doing amazing work.