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Just Keep Going!

So I got a little caught in my own stuckness, overwhelm, and just general muck over the past couple of weeks. Things not working out the way I had wanted sent me a little spiraling.


Thankfully, a little time in nature cleared my head and reminded me of the most important thing....JUST KEEP GOING. Out on the trail I had a destination in mind, my feet had other ideas. I was challenged to find the balance between determination to arrive at my desired destination and being flexibile with what could actually be. 


Which of course is just a metaphor for life, right? Finding the balance between what/where we want to go with the flexibility of what actually is. And figuring out when to push harder and when to let go is often the most challenging part of this. 


Whichever way you need to go, pushing harder or letting go, it's always important to JUST KEEP GOING. DO NOT GIVE UP. 


I have a little secret to share....(that's not really much of a secret). I have a big-ass dream I have been striving for now for a couple of years. The process to getting "there" has been slower than I desire and often challenges all my worthiness issues. AND. And I want this dream so bad I can taste it.


So, today I am recommitting to JUST KEEP GOING. 


WHAT IS YOUR DREAM?? What is it you desire that you need to "just keep going" so that you can create it? I can't wait to hear about it. 


One foot in front of the other.


Much love,