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Are you facing the "Big Boss"?

So I'm not a video game person so it's a little strange for me to use this analogy, but stick with me here. Apparently in most video games you must first "slay the little bosses" before you are faced with "the big boss". I imagine this like levels that each get progressively more challenging.

I've been doing the work of self-growth for awhile now. The other day I was telling my partner that I feel like I'm right on the precipice of a huge growth spurt. Or maybe I'm right in the middle of it. It feels so close, like just one more little push and I will be stepping into some serious awesomeness. He (being a person that's part of the video game design process) said, "yeah it's like you've been battling the little bosses for awhile and now you are facing the big boss". I literally said, "whoa".

All of the leaps we take in the growth process are stepping stones on our path. Sometimes we are facing the little bosses and sometimes it's THE BIG BOSS. We all have more than one big boss and sometimes it's pretty hard to tell which boss it is we are facing.

Right now though, I know it's the BIG one. It's the believing in myself and surrendering BOSS. It feels so close I can almost taste it (of course it would taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream if it actually had a flavor to it!). And of course this battle is really about fear. That darn gremlin, it's always busting up my party.

Today though I'm saying "no more" to that gremlin. Today I'm choosing courage over comfort. Today I'm stepping into action, over and over and over again. The action of choosing not to listen to the gremlin. The action of "feeling the fear and doing it (whatever the it is in each moment) anyway.

Have you felt that the next leap in your growth process was right in front of you, so close you can almost taste it? What BOSS are you facing today? Is your fear gremlin getting in your way of creating the life you dream about?

What will YOU choose today?