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Are You Scared To Dream?

Do you find sometimes when you let your mind wander and dream that you either pull back and get stuck in the "how" or even find yourself feeling a little afraid?

I've been chatting with various people these last few weeks and noticed a bit of a theme. Getting specific about what they dreamed about for their lives was a challenge. I couldn't get below the vague "I want to be happy" sort of responses. And it got me wondering, is dreaming scary for some people?

As I've been sitting with this idea I was reminded of Brene Brown saying that joy is one of the most vulnerable emotions we experience. To let ourselves fully embrace that feeling, staying present with it can be scary. Why? Because often right behind it is the fear of when it will go away.

I believe that this is why dreaming is scary. The fear gremlin shows up and says dumb things like, "this can never happen" or worse, "you don't deserve that".

Over the past couple of years as I've been building this new business, risking the security I already have in my current business, the thing that has gotten me through the tough moments is knowing very clearly what my dream is. The why. The vision. And because it's crystal clear, it's easy to conjure up the images of the life I am creating for myself. That clarity has been key.

Are you ready to move past the fear of dreaming and get going on making your dreams come true? Are you tired of letting that darn gremlin keep you stuck? I would love to support you in getting crystal clear on what your dream is, your why, your vision. It's time. Time to get vulnerable, time to choose from a place of love rather than fear. Time to start making your dreams a reality.

Let's do this. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute, let's make your dreams crystal clear, clarity call. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. You've got nothing to lose.