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Are you tired of being a doormat?

Are you getting to the end of your day feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and wondering why? Any chance you have been saying yes to things way more often than feels good? Bending over backwards to keep everyone else happy?

I talk to a lot of women in my work and they often show up in my office thinking that their exhaustion is just normal busy woman/mom stuff. And then we dig down deeper. Most of the time, we find a habitual pattern of over-doing, over-caretaking, over-committing. And then lots of feelings of resentment, shame, anger right underneath that. Any of this sounding a little bit (or a lot a bit) familiar?

​​​​​​​So what's a woman to do??? Boundaries ladies. Now how many of you just rolled your eyes and are about to close out of this email?? Wait! Don't go just yet.

I get that for many the idea of boundaries can feel like one more thing we have to do on top of the already millions of things we already do each day. Boundaries are hard. And, if you are tired of feeling resentment, shame and anger on a regular basis, it's time to figure this boundary thing out once and for all!

Good news, my next Women's Gathering Circle training is all about boundaries, like:

  • Get clear about what boundaries actually are and what they are not
  • Uncover the underlying emotions that make setting and keeping boundaries so darn hard, and
  • do a little self-care meditation to help you recharge so that you can go back out into your life with a little more energy to put the ideas into practice. 

Click here to join The Circle if you haven't already (if you have, there is nothing you need to do): Women's Gathering Circle