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Are You Yearning For Something More? 

When was the last time you had a minute to yourself? When was the last time you were able to spend some good quality time thinking just about YOU without being interrupted by a request (or demand!) from one of your lovely offspring? Or partner? Or boss?

Do you ever let yourself really, really dream about what you want for your life?WITHOUT the shame gremlin telling you it's selfish?

It surprises me sometimes how truly difficult this can be for women. I'm guessing you've spent a good amount of time over the last years or decades focused on the needs of others. And while this is a choice that feels really, really good, after so many years the skill (yes, it's a skill) to let yourself dream fades.

So guess what? The skill of thinking about YOU and YOUR DREAMS needs some attention! 

Imagine this...after a number of blissful days resting & being pampered, doing yoga that is just right for your body, and exploring the inner landscapes of your mind and heart, you are now in yet another exquisite location with time to really allow yourself to DREAM

You wake up early in the morning (because you want to, not because you have to!) and you step outside your bungalow and immerse yourself in the warm sea just as the sun is rising. You lie back and just float. You surrender, body and mind. You let the sea support you. There is nothing to do, no where to be and nobody that needs a thing from you. 

And then your mind, free from the everyday "life" obligations, begins to play images, like a movie. The quiet dreams and desires, some of which you may have never shared with anyone, begin to play out on the screen before you. You are filled with the peace, joy, and excitement for life that you've been craving. And the path to making this dream a reality stretches out before you. The steps are crystal clear. 

Are you ready? CLICK HERE to read more about how to join me on the trip of a lifetime.  Join me in Bali. 

Dreaming Big,