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Making TODAY a "Special Occassion"

Yesterday I decided it was time to reconnect with a few of the things that bring me joy. Like cooking. Music. Good wine. I turned on some Italian radio Pandora, made a yummy tomato sauce from the last of my juicy summer tomatoes and opened one of the last 3 bottles of wine I bought in 2015. Yes, it's been in the closet for 3 years!


It got me to thinking about all the things we save for a "special occasion". The candles we don't light, the restaurants we don't try, the fancy dishes we don't use. Which seems to imply that "every day" doesn't deserve the fancy stuff. But life is made up of the "every day"! It happens.Every.Day. 


What is all this waiting for anyway? I realized yesterday that life was happening right then. Not next week, month, year. And so, even though it was one of the last bottles, TODAY deserved the good wine. TODAY deserved to be fancy. JUST BECAUSE


We do not need any reason or excuse to delve into the good stuff. We can, just because we want to. Just because it's Sunday. Just because. 


So what will you do to make TODAY a SPECIAL OCCASION? Just because. 


Here's to the fancy glasses,



PS: Speaking of making today special....maybe today you decide that traveling is going to move to the front of the line of priorities! Read more about joining me in BALI next September!!