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Dreams Do Come True!

Are there days when you wonder if what you dream of for you life will ever happen? Those can be tough days to get through, but I'm here to say that yes they will (more about that in a minute). What I'm not saying though is when it will happen and if it will look exactly as you think it should.

I just watched this Oprah video about letting go and surrendering. It's really good, watch it!

She talks about working hard, wanting our dream more than anything and then surrendering (and tells a cool story about her journey to her Color Purple role).

I am practicing this right now as I build my dream freedom life. And sometimes I get caught up in the fear of "what if it doesn't happen" or the shame gremlin "who do I think I am for wanting more"? And then I stop, take a deep breath, offer compassion to my fear or shame, and then recommit to my dream.

TAKE ACTION: What is it that you have been dreaming about? Take some time to journal about it and bring some depth to the vision. What do you see, smell, taste, hear, feel? What emotions do you experience when you are living your dream (this is the most important step)! You must do this from a place of it happening now. Not, when... Now.

So how do I really know dreams come true? Well, because today is my birthday (and I create my dream birthdays now!) and in 2 days I'm off to Bali. For many years I day dreamed about traveling more in my life and it's happening. I didn't dream of specific places typically, just the adventure of exploring new locales and people and cultures. Bali will be my first trip to the SE Asia area of the world. And I can't wait.

I've got some things still coming your way while I'm gone, and I will pop in now and again to share with you a little taste of Bali. I might even try and do a FB live over in the Women's Gathering Circle group, so click here if you've not joined yet!

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Selamat tinggal (farewell!),


PS: If you are ready to expand on clarifying that dream, work hard, and surrender send me an email at I would love to support you on your journey!