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Fork in the Road

"If you come to a fork in the road, take it". Yogi Berra

How often in your life have you felt like you were standing at a fork in the road and felt a bit, or a lot, paralyzed by trying to choose which road to journey down? I don't know about you (but, I'm guessing I'm not alone here), but when I feel paralyzed I don't make good decisions. Or I don't make them at all, which is also a not great decision.

Are you a black and white thinker? A strict "there is only one right way" kind of person? When I feel paralyzed, this is where I go. I lose the ability to see the vast number of choices that are available to me. Everything becomes either/or.

So what happens when we move to a BOTH/AND way of thinking? For me, initially, freedom. I stop feeling paralyzed and start breathing again. And the fork in the road looks way more inviting!

AND there can be overwhelm in all the choices available to us. Geesh, just when I think I conquer one way I've been getting in my own way, another one pops up!! In our world of social media and online everything it can be easy to get caught in the shiny object trap. There are so many amazing opportunities in the world today that it's hard to stay focused and clear about what our vision is. I also want flexibility in my vision in order to stay open to what unexpected opportunities may show up.

The question I am dancing with today is "how do I know the difference between an unexpected opportunity and a shiny object"? I'm staring at the fork in the road. Or am I? Maybe this is just a continuation of the same path I've been on. Oh the never ending questions....

Are you ready to explore and get clear about your vision? Are you standing at a fork in the road? I would love to chat with you about it and support you with a process I have for getting clarity about your vision. Send me an email and we'll get you scheduled for a free 45 minute chat!

I'm going to go put myself through that process right now!