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The Sun Always Comes Out....Eventually Anyway

So the other day I was having a whole lot of feels when I was working with my coach. And all she had said was, "how are you"? No big deal right? Easy question. And bam. The feels. And rather than run from it like I wanted, she just supported me in staying with it. And read me a poem that I have read to others many, many times. Sure is different to hear it read to me!

By not resisting the emotional experience I was having (surprise!) I felt lighter and more grounded afterward. And I had a different perspective on the issues that were bothering me.

In the moment, it seems the best thing to do is run from the pain of our feelings. It's a natural thing to want to not experience pain. And. And when we stuff and avoid our feelings they stay in our bodies and can become physical pain (which has been true for me recently). Which is why the quote above is so powerful to me. It's not the actual emotions that cause suffering, it's the resistance of them! Feeling our feelings is not suffering! Doing everything we can to not experience them, that is the suffering.

The day after my session with my coach the sun finally shined her in the PNW. One day it was grey and rainy, then next beautiful, warm sunshine. It was such a great reminder. The sun always comes out again, eventually.



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