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Hi there!

I was listening to an interview recently with a man named Kute Blackson and was super inspired by him. He told a story about being on a train in India, the kind that are packed like sardines, and he said he made eye contact with a clearly impoverished woman (in material terms) who was on the train with her many children. He said, "I was eye to eye with the suffering of humanity and it broke my heart wide open to compassion". Kind of breathtaking, right?

The other thing he said that really resonated with me was when he was discussing the concept of freedom within ourselves. He said he often gets asked the question, "what is the one thing that is keeping me/most people from transformation"? His response was, "we don't want to [transform]".

What?!?! Sure we do I thought! He said, "there is some conscious or unconscious payoff for staying stuck" and we've got to figure out what that is, what all the ways we lie to ourselves are, in order to create the freedomwithin ourselves that comes with true transformation.

I'm not sure I'm doing his words justice, but man. Mind blown.

So I'm sitting with these two concepts. They feel related to me. Breaking your heart wide open to compassion. A conscious or unconscious payoff for staying stuck. What if we put the two together. Apply compassion to ourselves in order to undo whatever the payoff for staying stuck is??

I know for me that when I can apply self-compassion to whatever I'm struggling with it is always better. No exceptions.

So my challenge to you today is to get real with yourself, compassionately, and consider what the payoff might be for your staying stuck. We don't keep doing the same thing if there isn't some type of reward. What is yours?

If you are ready to get underneath the stuck and uncover the payoff that's been keeping you there so that you can finally experience the freedom to move forward LET ME KNOW! Just send me an email and we'll set up a time to chat!

Here's to everyones freedom!