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What do you pay attention to?

It's been one of those days, you know the kind, right? Nothing seems to go right, there's jack hammering AND weed whacking going on across the street, projects not going as desired, people not following directions... Ok, I will stop.

As I'm getting to the end of my day part of me wants to whine and moan about all the ways things that didn't go right. But that short changes my day and misses the 3 wins I did have today. And that puts a whole lotta negative energy out into the world, and guess what the Universe listens to?!?! The energy we put out into the world. WHAT WE PAY ATTENTION TO!

Rather than end my day leaking a bunch of what I don't want out into the world, I'm going to end my day focused on the positives, on the wins. Now don't get me wrong, this isn't about making everything rainbows and unicorns. I'm a big supporter of embracing ALL our feelings and our BIG, MESSY lives. It's embracing them though with the thoughts/attitude that what we are experiencing is exactly what is meant to BE.

So what I'm going to do is focus on my wins for today. Thank the Universe for those. And express my gratitude for all the wins to come, trusting that they will.

How are you going to end your day? What are you paying attention to?

Here are some sweet flowers I saw on my hike yesterday. Seen because I was paying attention.

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