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How long will this take???

You may notice in various self-help style forums an often asked question (or some version of this): How long will this [growth/transformation/pain elimination] take???

This is a question that is asked by people who are not experiencing the results they hoped for in all their seeking. It makes sense that with all the time and money spent on transformation that you would expect to see results. And when we don't, we often give up, blame ourselves, and stay stuck.

There's just one problem with this strategy, most of us don't transform all on our own (or with a book, webinar, 1-day training, etc). Most of us need on-going support and accountability for an extended period of time. Someone to help create the plan you need to finally conquer the "I'm not enough" gremlin.

That's where I come in.

I know what it is like to feel like an unworthy, tiny, insignificant, POS (look it up!). I know what it is like to be stuck in the same self-doubt story that keeps you from going for it in life. And I know how valuable it is to have someone you trust say to you, "Heather, it's ok... You can do this...All you need to do right now is....".

On a one-on-one Breakthrough Session with me, you will discover exactly what the next steps are to get to the knowing, deep in your bones, "I am enough" and "I am worthy".

This one-on-one session is perfect for you if you are brand new to personal transformation or have been at it for years and feeling stuck and frustrated.

Here's what we will do on the call:

  • First, we will get clear on where you are at right now in your journey. 
  • Next, we will get really specific about what it is you want for your life. What are your big dreams or little dreams that you see on the other side of the stuckness.
  • Then, we will uncover the roadblocks that have been keeping you from reaching your dreams. 
  • Finally, I'll recommend what I see as next steps for you in removing those roadblocks. 

If you want a clear plan to make progress in strengthening your "I'm enough" muscle and the opportunity to talk to someone who has been on this journey before too (that's me!!), then click here to schedule you one-on-one, no cost Breakthrough Session.

There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to start working on your personal action plan and setting yourself up to become the BOLD, WORTHY, BADASS that you are! I'll show you exactly how to make it happen!

In worthiness,


PS: When you use this special link to sign up for the call at no cost (usually $150), you are well on your way to finally overcoming the "I'm not enough" gremlin and living your life from a place of BOLD WORTHINESS! You are amazing, let's make you shine!

PPS: If you can't find a date/time on the calendar that works for you please email me and we will find a time!