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Who Do You Want to BE?

How are you doing with navigating all the things...the daily onslaught of negativity we hear in the news? Are you numbing and becoming apathetic? Or are you completely caught up in it all and your nervous system is buzzing all the time? 


I am so aware of my desire to check out from it all. To run away or just hide under the covers in my bed......and yet. I know that is not the best use of ME in this world. Checking out is not stepping up and doing my part. Checking out is not who I want to BE. And right now, as I'm typing this, on my Pandora a song called "Stay"(Rihanna) just came on. Ok Universe, I'm listening. 


So my question for you today is...WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? Notice, I did not say "what do you want to do"? We must BE first, and most of the time we get this backwards. We think DO, HAVE, and then BE. Nope. It actually starts with BEING


It is my mission to support ALL women in knowing their inherent worthiness and wholeness so that they can go out into the world and BE who they want to be. This is what I call my LOVE ARMY. I wholeheartedly believe that the way out of all the negativity and awfulness we see in the media everyday is for each of us to be clear about WHO WE WANT TO BE and then go out and LIVE IT


What gets in your way of BEING? Is it clarity of what that is? Some version of a 'don't deserve' or 'not enough' story? Exhausted by life? 


Imagine what it would be like to NOT experience these barriers to BEING. Seriously, take a moment and let your mind wander. What if clarity, not enough, don't deserve or exhaustion were no longer in your way? What does that look like? Feel like? Freedom. Excitement. Joy. Any of these feelings come up for you? 


This is what my retreat to BALI is all about. RESTORING your energy, IGNITING your spirit and aliveness and ENVISIONING who you want to BE in the world and what the steps are to creating this. 


If you are feeling called. If you know there is more you want to BE...TAKE ACTIONbefore you get caught up in all the holiday busyness. Commit (by just placing your deposit) before the end of the year and you will save $500


Let's commit today to BEING our best selves. For me, that is staying present and awake, even when it's painful. WHAT IS IT FOR YOU? I would love to hear.


Committed and being,



Restore. Ignite. Envision.

A Bali Adventure to Rediscover Yourself and Redesign your Life

SEPTEMBER 13-27, 2019


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