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Remembering to Remember YOU! 

I hope you've had whatever kind of weekend and holiday this week that you needed. And if not, I hope you are being gentle and compassionate with yourself. 


I wanted to just pop in for a minute before more holiday hoopla happens and see if you are remembering to put YOU on your own list of importance today. We often forget, most especially during this time of year, to fill ourselves back up so that we have the ability to keep doing all the things we do in our lives. 


And to that end, I wanted to remind you that if you put your deposit down for my Bali 2019 trip before the end of the year, you will save $500! Plus, you will also get an extra, private coaching session with me to use before, during, or after the trip! 


If you have looked over the website and felt a tug in your heart, or a gentle whisper of desire....don't wait. All you have to do is put down your deposit. You can then make a payment plan if needed. This trip is meant to be an investment in YOU and your life, not just a fancy trip. You will come home transformed and ready to create your exciting next chapter in life. 


If any of these sound like you, join me for a powerful, transformational experience: 

  • Are you tired of feeling lost and confused about what you want next in your life? 
  • Facing a major life transition (empty nest, divorce, job change) and ready to create your next chapter from a place of clarity and passion?
  • Are you ready to go back in time to re-discover the YOU that was excited and passionate about life?
  • Do you get stuck in the “I’m not enough” trap and can’t get yourself to take action towards your dreams?
  • Do you ask yourself often, is this it? Is this all there is?
  • Does life feel mundane and uninspiring?



A Bali Adventure to Rediscover Yourself and Redesign Your Life

September 13-27, 2019

Much love,