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Riding the Waves

No matter how I try to stop it, life just keeps happening. Wave after wave of life. Funny that. I've had ample opportunity to choose to either fight against each wave as it comes or put my surfboard in the water and go (I'm not even a surfer BTW, but the metaphor feels right!). I've done a little of both. 


Without really knowing I had them, I had some pretty big expectations of what my life would look like here in Bali. A general summary would be, BLISS. I had envisioned myself being a meditating yogi that would get frequent massages. I saw myself relaxed and joyfully skipping down the rice field paths. 


Oh expectations. Oh life. Oh reality. It sure does smack you upside the head now and again doesn't it. While I don't regret a single moment of my time here, bliss is not how I would describe it. Moments of bliss, yes. But for me, actually living and trying to run a virtual business here has been quite stressful. Wifi in a developing country is a much different experience than what I am used to in the States. 


So what I've found is that the Universe has provided me with a big ol' playground to practice what I preach; walk my talk of self-compassion and sitting with your feelings. My mantra, often daily, has been, "no sudden movements". And guess what? I've lived to tell the tale! Being present with myself, my emotions, my thoughts, my body....I am ok. 


What do you need to sit with? Where is it time for action? How are expectations messing with your reality? How's the surfing going? 


Much love,