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Time Will Tell

How do you know when it's time for action or when it's time to sit still and ride things out? When is it running away vs doing what's best for you?


If you're like me, these are not simple questions. And they don't have simple answers. I've been sitting with these a lot in my time here in Bali and the best I can come up with was, "until it's clear, it's not time to take action". And so, after sitting with myself compassionately. Sitting with myself non-compassionately. A few meltdowns and practicing being present, clarity came. And so I took action. And then the Universe decided, in it's never-ending way of being really hilarious, to have the clarity waver. 


WTF Universe? I did "all the right things". I sat with my feelings, I listened, I practiced presence and self-compassion. What's going on???? 


And again, no simple answers. Life is funny like that. So, again, I am sitting with the questions. Sitting in acceptance with decisions made and actions that are in motion. Staying open and curious. Not always easy, and not always cute but staying with it anyway. 


The only answer I have is....time will tell. And guess what the good news is??? We always get to choose again. Phew. 


Much love,



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