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Stop Letting Shame Determine Your Worthiness!

“Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change”.

Dr. Brene´Brown

This right here is why shame is such a killer. When our belief in our ability to change is eroded, we believe we are stuck in whatever muck we might be in at the moment.

And when we believe there is no way out, we start getting desperate. And when we are feeling desperate, we start behaving in desperate ways. We start hustling for our worth. And let me just quote a good friend of mine, “that is not cute”.

Shame makes us believe that our worth lies somewhere outside ourselves. In our income, or how well our children behave, or how skinny we are, or how nice our house is. Our worth is in none of those things, which is why when we are searching for it there we have to hustle. You will never find your worth outside of yourself.


You were born worthy and you will die worthy. And time in between those two events we spend a lot of time and energy desperately trying to remember our worthiness.

What would it be like if the next time you walked into a room with people that challenge you, or you start running your tired old story about how you have to make more money to be ok, or lose the weight and then you will be lovable, you stopped? And then took a breath and said,

“I am worthy, period.”

Stop handing over your worthiness to other people or things or accomplishments. It’s a bucket that will never be filled. It's time to write a new story.