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The Sea of Ambiguity

I've been talking with people all day about a really painful place we can get stuck. It's called The Sea of Ambiguity, and oh goodness can we spend a lot of time trying to keep our head above water in this ocean!

Let me share a little story to help clarify what this is all about. Sharon, a woman I used to work with, was in a comfortable marriage. Things were "ok". No major issues it would seem looking in from the outside. But on the inside? On the inside, Sharon was lost, confused, sad, lonely. She longed for a life that was filled with new adventures and experiences. She felt trapped. She loved her husband and she also wanted to be free.

When I first met Sharon she told me that what she wanted was to leave her marriage. As we tried to explore what this looked like, there were few details and zero excitement. There was no clarity, only a whole lot of fog.

What I realized was then, was that Sharon was not enrolled in either her dream of an adventurous life, nor was she enrolled in staying in her marriage. Sharon was in The Sea of Ambiguity. And she was beginning to drown.

We get stuck in the Sea of Ambiguity when we don't get clear about what we want badly enough to let go of our current, safe life. We don't have enough clarity about what we really, really want badly enough to risk the turbulent ocean to get to the dream. So we flail around, waves crashing over our heads, barely staying above water.

Do you know what the #1 regret of the dying is? Not having had the courage to live a life true to ourselves. Meaning, not going for our dreams.

Do you know what you want badly enough to go out and get it? Are you stuck in the Sea of Ambiguity? Are you ready to live a life that is true to yourself? Let's talk and create a crystal clear vision so that you can build your boat and step into the roll of captain in your life!