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The subtle (and not so subtle) art of

accepting what is

"There is nothing to do and no where to go. Accepting this, we can do everything and go anywhere" Mark Nepo

Greetings from Ireland! And Happy Holidays! Chapter 2 of my Bold Adventure brought me to this beautiful country.... in the middle of Winter. Oh my. It was quite the shock to my system going from sweltering heat to freezing cold!! Not totally sure why I ended up here, it's just what felt clear to me at the time.

Over the past few weeks as I've been pretty isolated in the countryside, I've been confronted with the hurdle of attempting to learn acceptance of what is. No matter what is... hot, sweaty & noisy or cold, dark & quiet. It's just what is. Oh, and by the way, it's an inside job. It has nothing to do with the external elements. It's owning that we have a choice in how to respond to these elements. That's all we have control over.

Which leads to the practice, the art, of acceptance of what is. And yes, it is a practice! Some days it's easier than others that's for darn sure. I'm not totally sure where all this is meant to lead me on this journey of understanding myself better. That's part of acceptance. The unknown. The letting go. Surrendering to the Universe. As Mark Nepo says,

"simply concentrate on the journey of being alive".

So as you are engaging in whatever holiday experiences you find yourself in this year...consider pausing for a moment and breathe in acceptance of what is. What ever that is. There is no right. No wrong. Just what is. The journey of being alive.

With love & light,


Some days it looks like this on the daily dog walk, some days I can't see those hills!

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