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Thoughts Become Things... 

The immutable law that governs everyone's life: Thoughts Become Things

"Recognize this principle. Understand it's existence in your life. Because then you can begin using it deliberately. Turning your wishes into reality, and living the life of your dreams ... because whatever it is you most want truly lies only a thought away." ~ Mike Dooley


In keeping with the theme from the Oprah video in last weeks email I wanted to keep supporting you in moving towards your dreams. So we are going to jump right into TAKING ACTION! No rambling stories here today! 


So what did you come up with in your writing about what you are dreaming of? Did you get really in-depth with all of your senses? Create a super duper clear vision? No? Then go do it right now. I'll wait here for you. Be sure to come back, I'm here waiting!  Yes? Sweet. 


So looking at your dream on paper right now, what emotions arise in you? Excitement? Longing? Fear? Invite them all in. Hold space for your emotions with a whole heap of love and compassion. 


Now, what thoughts are attached to these emotions? Looking at the quote at the beginning ("thoughts become things") are these really the thoughts you want to be having right now about your dream? Will these thoughts move you in the direction of making your dream a reality or will they move you further away (there is a video if you click on Mike Dooley above).


We can choose our thoughts and if thoughts become things, we want to get really clear about choosing the thoughts that move us in the direction we want to go. 


NEXT ACTION STEP: Write down all of the thoughts you are having about your dream. Do they move you towards your dream? Yes? Keep them! No? Turn them around. Rewrite those thoughts. Then each time the thought that you don't want shows up, reframe it with your new thought. This takes practice. You've got to strengthen your thought creation muscles! 


Here's to your aligned thoughts!